Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Ribbon Carousel • No Sew Tutorial

Laura here, I am always in need of unique gifts to give to my friends when they throw their fabulous dinner parties. Here is a quick tutorial on how to make a no sew apron and matching oven mitt, using
The super cute wide Black/Ivory Striped Grosgrain ribbon, and Craft Glue from the Ribbon Carousel Store!

(Supplies: 1 oven mitt, 1 matching cotton napkin, craft glue, 5 yards of wide grosgrain ribbon, and an iron)

First, I went to a local kitchen store and bought one oven mitt and a matching plain cotton napkin. I then ironed all the creases out of my apron and folded it long ways so that one side was about 5 inches longer.

then placed where I wanted my beautiful ribbon to go, and lightly used craft glue to adhere my ribbon. I told you, No Sew... brilliant!!! Sewing machines scare me, and craft glue works like a charm. :D 

Make sure your edges are folded over all pretty and glued down firmly. I found that spreading my glue with my finger tip evenly on my ribbon worked the best. I then cut and glued my ties for the apron at the top of the skirt itself, in-between the fold of the apron on both sides. 

then used my left over wide stripped grosgrain to line my oven mitt so it would match. And there you have it a simple but super cute apron and matching oven mitt is born!  I also added little bows to my apron and mitt with ribbon from the RC Store! :)

This project is super fun and easy and will wow your friends with the possibilities of ribbon!



Marlena M. said...

Beautiful apron Laura!

Lisa Petrella said...

This turned out SO SUPER DUPER CUTE, Laura!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

Katie Skiff said...

that is so cute!! Look at your skinny lil self modeling!! You go girl!!

veronica said...

very cute! love the stripes with the red.