Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wishing You Well

SA wish well

SA wishing well 3

I had such a fun time coloring with my copic markers this new batch of stamps, Juniper and Jupiter's Exterior Elements from Starving Artistamps. Coloring to me is very therapeutic, calming and zen.

Thank you for all your sweet comments!


cnelson said...

wowzers!! so incredibly gorgeous!

Audrey Pettit said...

And I can't color at all, so it's the opposite of calming to me! ;)
I so love your coloring, though. You are so very good at it. Love the bits going off the edges of this, and love the striped ribbon, too.

Michele Gross said...

We have a deal, right? I'll stamp and you'll color? LOL! This is Awesome! Your coloring skills seriously rock Laura! Gorgeous project :D

Kay said...

So pretty! Your coloring and shading are pure genius every single time! This wishing well stamp is lovely. I've not seen a stamp like it before. I also love the little peek of purple trim you added. I LOVE your style!!
♥♥ Kay

Angela Timms said...

Laura-I just adore how sweet your cards are! I've got a special award for you on my blog - come by and get it ;)