Monday, October 18, 2010

Special Thanks

SA special thanks

SA special thanks 2

want to put out a special thank you to my friend and business partner Kazan for substituting for me at 2S4Y this week. Swinging two weeks in a row isn't easy and I appreciate it VERY much, Thank you Kazan! We are moving into a new house this week so I am up to my ears in boxes, cleaning, painting, etc. Here is a card I made using Starving Artistamps, Juniper and Jupiter's Exterior Elements.

Thanks for all your sweet comments!


Lori Craig said...

Love that pretty bike, Laura! Beautiful card!

Anonymous said...

Just gorgeous!!

Regina Easter said...

that bike is just beyond adorable....and kazan is such a sweetie...i miss you girls...hugs

Courtney Baker said...

Oh my Laura that's just BEAUTIFUL!

Laurel said...

Love this card! love that bike!

Unknown said...

shucks LD - you know I can be bribed with coffee and/or vino ;)
Hugs & good luck!
PS your new home is gorgeous!

cnelson said...

sooooooooo lovely!!! LOVE this!

Anonymous said...

Love your Gorgeous card Laura..
Good Luck in your New Home :) xxx

Lisa Petrella said...

Love how this card turned out, Laura! Good luck with your move---so exciting!!!!