Tuesday, July 20, 2010

4th of July Windmills G.C.D. Style

My family's 4th of July traditions usually consist of a huge homemade pancake breakfast complete with fresh maple syrup and mixed berry salad, followed by a day spent with friends hanging out by the pool. Our 4th of July dinner is usually a barbecue with even some fried chicken mixed in their somewhere, oh and classic potato salad. YUM!! Finishing the night with a spectacular fireworks display.

This year I thought of making my 4th of July celebration complete with these adorable windmill table decorations using g.c.d. papers and embellishments. Here is a template and tutorial on how to make your own festive windmills.

4th of July Windmills

gcd windmill 5

gcd windmills 1

gcd windmill 2

Windmill Template
(Windmill squares can be any size but must be perfectly square. My windmills are 6x6.)

gcd windmill template

Windmill Tutorial

gcd tut1

1. Supplies needed: 6x6 square piece of patterned paper, a sharp exacto knife, and a ruler, wooden dowel, glue dots, large brads, and ribbon.

gcd tut 2

2. Cut from each of the four corners using your template and ruler 31/2 inches from tip to center.

gcd tut 3

3. Fold over your corners. Do not crease.
Adhere each corner tip to the center of your square with a glue dot.

gcd tut 4

4. Pin down all your corners with a large brad. I used a g.c.d.'s large sparkly red brad and also their large glittery red brad. Your windmill is now finished. Just adhere the windmill to a wooden dowel and embellish with ribbon.

Thanks for all your sweet comments!


~amy~ said...

sooooooooo cute laura!!!

Kay said...

Fabulous! I LOVE these! Perfect for the July 4th holiday. Thank you for the tutorial. I'll definitely give it a try! ♥♥ Kay

cnelson said...

These are so darling Laura!! Could not LOVE them more!!!

Angie Tieman said...

Oh my goodness, these are SOOO cute! That paper and the colors worked out so well!

Hannah - Mary P said...

These are brilliant - I'm definitely going to make some for my birthday party. I've actually used this techniques to make pastries but I wouldn't have even thought of doing this with paper.