Wednesday, March 4, 2009

International Inspiration

Kazan's Sketch 1

Recently 2 Sketches 4 You was featured in the Norwegian scrapbooking magazine Ett traykk.
The publication is out and I thought I would share with you all my cards and sketches from the article. 

My friend and business partner Kazan were asked each to create three sketches and make cards from them, then swap sketches thus making cards from each others sketches. Brilliant idea Aashild! I will be sharing all the cards and sketches in the weeks to come. 

I will start off first with Kazan's sketch 1. Hop over to Kazan's blog: Nunu Toolies to check out the interpretation of her sketch.

Thanks for all your sweet comments!


alexandra s.m. said...

Congrats on the publication Laura! Love your take on Kazan's Sketch!

~Lori Roop said...

Laura....How fun to be in a Global magazine!! :D

Cute card!! Love the BIG prima!!

Jenn K said...

WOwo that is fabulous!! I love it!!

Anonymous said...

fantastic you both are amazing women, I am so happy I found your blog's and 2S4U, you should both be pretty proud of your selves.

Lisette Gibbons said...

Pretty in pink. Lovely card, Laura and congrats on the publication.

Unknown said...

This is absolutely stunning Laura! I'm not sure I've ever seen your interpretations of each others sketches...I can't wait to see more!

(-: Heidi

Unknown said...

I think we ROCK as I team ;) Love this card soooo much!

Katie said...

How cool! I bet you both had so much fun with this project :)

Your card is beautiful!!


tomiannie said...

So so pretty!

~amy~ said...

wow...super the bright and sunny colors!