Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday & Sketch This: Cards!

Alright it's day two of My Day in the Life... are you sick of me yet? Other than I've realized my life this week to be extremely boring so far, I am quite enjoying journaling and taking pictures of my life. I certainly do not take enough pictures especially of myself which is bad , bad , bad I know.


• Woke up this morning at 7:05. I decided to skip the gym this morning, since I had a doctors appointment at 8:30 am.

• Took Claudia to school had her their a little late, eeak! 8:05! 
(school starts at 8:00 am)

• Drove to my doctors appointment to go over my blood work for my Thyroid, Ugh.

• Home, to have my coffee that was warm and ready for me, thanks Eric ♥

• Call Kazan!

• Do a little blog hopping, one of my favorite pass times :)

• 10:00 am Oh ya... forgot breakfast, a banana will work.

• Time to put away my 700 loads of laundry that I washed yesterday, at least my house is clean:) I love a clean house!

• Have left over spaghetti for lunch.

• Put my homemade chili on to cook for dinner. Here is the recipe. Laura's Turkey Chili

• Eric is booking travel arrangements for Claudia's up coming out of state golf tournaments today!

• Pick up the beast (Claudia) from school and go straight to the golf course to practice.

• Come home around 5:30 pm get dinner ready, & eat yummy chili, clean kitchen.

• Claudia busy with lots of homework.

• I make my Design Team card for Caardvarks that is due soon.

• Eric watches John Mayer in concert that he had tivoed.

• I watch the Biggest Looser and snuggle our large cat Guy'.
I love to see the weight transformations but hate to see all the crying!

• Worked on my post a little:) and have hot lemon water.

• Relax, & in bed for me early! I need to go to the gym in the morning:)

Also here is my latest card from Sketch This: Cards! Sketch #71.

Thanks or all your sweet comments!


Lindsay Spencer said...

Very pretty card. The organization of you life is wonderful. I am going to organize and have a schedule (soon.)

Anonymous said...

`Gorgeously scrummy` card Laura...
Enjoy the rest of your Day:)~X~

Anonymous said...

ooops!!!I forgot to say...Your family is just `Beautiful` and Wow Claudia is gonna break some hearts for sure!!!!TFS:)~X~

DeeDee said...

Awww Laura, Claudia looks like her pretty Mama!!! I don't think you are boring at all...you are very intersting!!! I love this card and that yummy green ribbon...you must have a never ending ribbon supply.....like Regina....have you ever seen Regina's ribbon supply.....OMG!!! HUGS!!!

Carol D said...

As a regular visiter to your blog, I can tell you that your life is far from boring, now my life IS boring, but I am so enjoying your musings and the photos of your beautiful family. Hope you keep it up.

I love your card and what you have done with the ribbon and flowers.
I think I have to buy some of those flowers soon.

Carol x

Eveline said...

I really like the idea of taking pictures and write about your daily life for a week. It gives people a glimps in somebody elses life for a bit. Learn a bit more. Your daughter is beautiful. The card for 2s4y is beautiful too.

Regina Easter said...

hey Laura, wow, I haven't been to your blog in awhile...and boy have I been missing out on some awesome stuff...you are one amazing mom and craftor..thanks for the little insight about your daily life....I wish you a very blessed day..hugs..

Regina Easter said...

oh yeah one more thing, you daughter is beautiful just like mommy...

evafromca said...

Gorgeous card and love your turkey chili recipe, I make one like that all the time. I don't think you have a boring life at all.