Thursday, October 16, 2008



• I woke up at 5:00 am to go to spinning class. 

• Got home at 7:00 am and since it's Fall break for Claudia, she got to sleep in and I had time to work on next Monday's post for 2S4Y!

• I had my morning coffee.

• Eric went to go play golf with a friend.

• At 8:15 Kazan and I went on our weekly hour walk. It was freezing! 

• When I got home at 10:00 am I woke Claudia up and made her get ready she was going to join Eric on the back nine to practice golf. She has a big tournament this weekend.

• On the way to the golf course I ran over a huge screw and got a major flat tire!

• Claudia was late to her tee time!

• I ended up sitting in my car for the next 2 1/2 hours waiting for roadside assistance! I was not happy!

• I saw a cute little black cricket while waiting, I decided he needed to be photographed. They are good luck right?

• Finally I got my tire fixed just as Eric & Claudia finished up their golf round.

• 2:30 now and I have not eaten today, starving we all went to Chipotle for a late lunch.

• I decided I needed a little retail therapy to deal with my stressful day so Claudia and I went to Michael's. I bought some new scrapbooking supplies. :) Eric went to Golfsmith.   

• We all then went to Whole Foods and bought some yummy Palmiers chocolate dipped cookies.

• We then went for a quick visit at my mom's and to share our cookies!

• Back home at 7:00 pm Claudia is cleaning her room tonight, it's a disaster!

• I finished putting my laundry away from Monday! 

• We had leftovers for dinner.

• In bed by 10:00 pm


Unknown said...

Cute post - Yea Crickets are considered good luck in Asia - mmm did you see him after the flat tire or before *wink* LOL..maybe you should have been in Asia to avoid that major bolt you got in your wheel - glad all is good now!

Lindsay Spencer said...

That cookie looks fabulous!! The tire looks awful, and you and Kazan are too cute.

Jen said...

URGH...that looks like a major boo glad you got it all fixed! Yummy cookies! and a fun walk with a gal pal to boot! ;)

Anonymous said...

Lovin reading your Dailey posts Laura..
Glad all`s sorted now:)~X~

Katie said...

OMGoodness, you guys need to add that picture to the 2S4Y blog!! Love it!

Sorry about the tire!!!!


DeeDee said...

Oh, I love the pic of you, Kazan and the little one all bundled up....too cute!! Sorry about your tire mishap...bummer!!! HUGS!!!

Ingrid said...

Due to my visit to the UK I was a bit behind on your blog, but I just caught up on your daily life. How nice to have a peek into the life of the Paper Poppy. :D I love the pictures. And wow....Claudia is a beautiful girl and looks like you....A LOT!!


Eva said...

WOW...what a day with your tire....but yess...that cookie looks delicious enough for me to reach through my screen and grab it...yummm....