Friday, October 17, 2008



• I woke up at 7:00 am.

• I woke Claudia up and she got ready for her practice round for her big golf tournament tomorrow! Tournament of Champions.

• I made coffee and brought some to Eric in bed. :)

• I got ready!

• Claudia and I left for Omni Interlocken Golf Course in Broomfield, that is an hour away.

• We stopped on the way and got breakfast burritos.

• Claudia played well today she shot a 77 on 18 holes. The course was very pretty!

• Eric worked from home today. Then played golf with a friend in the afternoon.

• Claudia and I stopped at Super Target and did a little shopping. I LOVE Super Target!

• Came home finally at 3:00 pm 

• I checked my email and chatted with Kazan.

• Eric got home at 5:30 pm

• I made dinner tonight.
 Lemon Artichoke Turkey Tenderloin with Wild Rice &  Steamed Broccoli. 

• After dinner I made two cards, one for BBTB & the other for Sketch This: Cards!

• Cleaned the kitchen.

• Claudia cleaned out her golf bag.

• Eric cleaned her clubs for tomorrow.

• I made sandwiches for Claudia & her caddy for tomorrow. (usually she does not have a caddy, but this is a special tournament)

• I went through some amazing entries for 2S4Y Winter Design Team Call!

• Worked on my post for Monday on 2S4Y.

• Worked on this post.

• Put Claudia to bed at 9:30.

• Watched a little T.V. with Eric while he noodled with his guitar.

• In bed by 10:00 pm I cant function past 10! LOL:)


Lindsay Spencer said...

Beautiful pictures. That dinner looks so yummy!

Eva said...

WOW, busy day for you...lots of golfing activity. Hope Claudia does great tomorrow, whish her luck! And your dinner sounds great....would love the recipe for your turkey...sounds yummy...

Ingrid said...

I would love to do this too, but haven't allowed myself time yet. Today's pictures are great again. Good luck to Claudia! Hope she wins today.


DeeDee said...

Oh another busy day huh? Wish Claudia luck for me...I bet she's excited!!! What a lovely picture of the landscape...breathtaking!!! HUGS!!!

Unknown said...

good luck at the Golf Tourney - we have a super busy day too so we may only get our Coffee talk in tonight late late late :)