Friday, March 26, 2010

Creatures Anyone??

Picnik collage2

Does anyone have that uncontrollable craving for those adorable DoodleFactory "Creatures" from Starving Artistamps Stamps?? I do, and a brand new set, Creatures II, comes out April 1st!

That's right you heard that correctly, and here is a little peek from ME of what is in store. :)

Our lovely Design Team will also posting Sneak Peeks on their blogs from now until the big release. Don't miss DoodleFactory's Creatures II at Starving Artistamps April 1st!

Thanks for all your sweet comments!


Unknown said...

oh my gosh these are DARLING! How cute are these creatures! I HAVE to have them!

cnelson said...

Ohhhhhhhhh sooooooooo cute!!!

DoodleFactory said...

What a cute little peek! I know what all the creatures look like, but I'm anxious to see all the reveals of the fabulous cards from the design team. You guys (gals) are always so incredible.

Ginny Larsen said...

ohmygosh. i LOVE those creatures too... gotta be some of the most used stamps i own... and they're coming out with MORE? eek!!!!!! hooray :D

Michele Gross said...

:) Can't look at 'em without smiling!! Super duper cute!!

Katie said...

Hey Laura :) Just wanted to say 'hi'...and your creatures look darling!

Kay said...

Tee hee!! TOOO adorable! Thank you for making me smile! I know I'm going to LOVE these!! ♥♥ Kay