Friday, January 2, 2009

41st Anniversary

Yesterday my husband and I were going through old photos of his father who was a pilot in the Vietnam War. The 31st of December was the 41st anniversary of when his father, Sam Perisho, lost his life in the war. I came across this photo and thought it was very cool. The pilots look handsome and proud to serve their country.  It's fun to look back at old photos, and the stories they tell.
Thanks for all your sweet comments!


Kazan Clark said...

How cute is he! I think your Hubby and his Dad look so alike :) Really awesome picture.
Oh yes and about our missed Archivers trip - do you think we could ever shop together for 10min - um I think not! *lol*

alexandra s.m. said...

wow! laura, this picture looks like it could have been taken last week! Full of details and so interesting! Thanks for sharing...

DeeDee said...

Well, that is way too COOL...the pic I mean...TFS!!! HUGS!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank all the family members for their dad, uncle, brother, husband's dedication and hunger for all of us to be free, worshipping, celebrating, enjoying freedom.
Big Sky Hi

Amigo091101 said...


Your blog is really quite lovely.
I came across it because I had entered "Sam Perisho" in Google Search. When we take our grandkids to Wash DC next year, I want to take them to the Viet Nam Memorial among other places and indicate that I have several friends, including Sam there.

I am a friend of Sam Perisho from Quincy Illinois. I always wondered about his wife and son. I have visited Sam's Panel in Wash DC on several occasions and Sam's Memorial at the rest stop on US Interstate 55 North of Springfield IL quite often.Would be glad to talk or e-mail with Eric or anyone else about Sam. Had lost track of him as our lives went differently. I was stunned to learn of his MIA status and then assumed death. He really was a terrific guy.