Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I've Been Tagged

The sweet Rae from Simply Rae  had tagged me! 
Thanks my friend, I love reading new things about people! 

Here is mine:

•I have never had my ears pierced and never will, don't quite know why? Just never had them done!

•  One of my major pet peeves, whistling! cant stand it, it drives me crazy! Actually now that I think about it. I am not keen on any unnecessary noise! LOL:)

• I have to keep a paper calendar! Something about actually writing my deadlines down is just a must for me.

• This is too funny because I am not quite sure why it happens so often but... I am often mistaken for my husbands daughter rather than his wife!! Oh man does it drive him MAD! 
I just giggle and say thanks for the compliment;) 

• My favorite food hands down is... French Fries! Yum, I could eat a zillion and never get sick of them. But I am sad to say I cant remember the last time I ate them, and now I am suddenly starving! lol:)

• I love all animals/creatures that includes snakes, mice, rats, bugs! Except... SPIDERS I have a huge spider phobia. Eeeeaaaakkkk!

• I am not a procrastinator! I have to have things done and in on time or even better early!
For some reason I take huge comfort in this trait:) 

Pheww that was hard to come up with 7 things about myself, but a lot of fun!

Now let the tagging begin

Thanks for all your sweet comments!


Unknown said...

So cute Laura. Knew all this about you except the whistle thing - and guess what that is me too - can't stand whistling, tapping etc...drives me crraaazzzzy :)

Hanneke van der Linde said...

Fun to read!! thanks for tagging me....


DeeDee said...

THANKS for tagging me Laura!! I loved reading all your fun know what...I would drive you bonkers...I whistle all the time!!! LOL!!! My Mamaw used to say a whistling woman and a cackling hen always comes to a no good end...LOL....sorry!!! Hee hee!! HUGS!!!

Lindsay Spencer said...

WHAT? you're NOT a procrastinator, and YOU keep a calendar? I'd have never guessed! LOL. I do have to say I'm surprised that you love fries though.

Unknown said...

Thanks for playing along Laura :) It was great to learn more about you! I too love French fries, cannot stand any unnecessary noise (loud chewing, tapping, humming, whistling.. you name it!). LOVE that your mistaken for your husband's daughter... tee, hee!!
hugs! Rae

Katie said...

These were fun to read! So funny about you and your hubby!! I like my paper calendar as well! My husband wants me to put everything on my blackberry but I just can't do it ;)


Anonymous said...

These are so fun! I'm the same with animals...Not at all bothered by catching snakes, lizards, frogs for my boys (I actually think that they're cute). But, I DON'T do spiders!

Peet said...

love to read this all about you!!!

Anonymous said...

Hé Laura, thanks for tagging me ! Fantastic to read your fun facts ! I'm gonna think about my 7 facts !! :)
Groetjes Berdien