Wednesday, October 15, 2008



• I woke up at 3:00 am this morning to our smallest cat Ozzy, meowing! He wanted outside, sorry mister! Yes, we have three cats.

• Today was sleep in day but since Claudia has a half day today, it was up at our normal wake up time 7:00 am.

• Took Claudia to school. Yea! she was early today:)

• Came home and had my morning cup of black coffee.

• Chatted with Kazan on ichat.

• Did a little blog hopping.

• Took a photo of my card for Caardvarks. Edited it and sent it on it's way:)

• Took a shower around 9:00 am.

• Off to the gym to lift weights with Eric. Did a whole body workout.

• Went to Garbanzo's and got lunch. Yum, I got the plate filled with hummus, lettuce, tabouli, grilled chicken, baby eggplant, falafel, tahini and a whole grain pita.

• Picked up Claudia from school at 12:30, she is out for Fall Break. Monday classes resume.

• Drove past a cute pumpkin patch today.

• Changed and went to the golf club to practice.

• After golf we went to the mall to check out the new Mac books, I bought some new workout clothes too!

• Picked up Subway on the way home! Woohoo, I don't have to make dinner!

• We watched Jeopardy as a family. Eric bet Claudia $5 for every question she answered right. Claudia won $45 buckaroos!

• Watched the Presidential debate. 19 more days until election day!

• Worked on my post, have hot water & lemon.

• In bed by 10:00 pm.

Thanks for all your sweet comments!



Laura - thanks for visiting my blog and DON'T worry - I know you are busy with all your teams!!!!! I really enjoy viewing all your different blogs. It's amazing how we get caught up in this BLOG WORLD LOL - but it's really fun. I love to see all the fun pictures of you and your family - you are all beautiful!!! Keep in touch. Hugs always, T

Katie said...

Sounds like a fun, busy day! I am so jealous....I want a Garbanzo's!! I live in a pretty rural community and there is nothing like that! Sometimes I miss living in the city....


Unknown said...

I love finding new fun blogs. Enjoyed reading your todays.

Jen said...

Hi Laura,

I think this is a fun idea too to journal about your day...kinda fun reading about someone else's life!

DeeDee said...

I LOVE your smile Laura!!! This is so much fun to read about you and yours each day....your grey kitty looks like my Merlin....only smaller...My Merl is a 15 pound Blue Russian...he doesn't know he's a cat though...LOL! HUGS!!!

evafromca said...

Your cat is too cute, I have a grey kitty, too. Garbanzo's looks yummy. And WOW on Claudia's win. One smart girl she is!

Nancy said...

Hi Laura, fun blog1 I am curious...why hot water and lemon? does it help lose weight :D I need to shed 15 lbs, you look great! I too love spinning and I also run but I have lost my motivation ever sice I move here from Germany...getting back though...have a great weekend!