Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Little Break

Today I thought I would take a little break from paper and share with you some of my favorite pictures from our vacation this summer to Florida. The pictures are of my husband & daughter at the beach. Of course I am not in any of these pictures, I am the one taking them. 
I also was recently tagged by the lovely Lea, thanks girlie!

Here are the rules:

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3. Write six random things about yourself.

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Here are the 6 Random Things About Me:

• If you haven't noticed I am addicted to ribbon! I just counted I have 130 spools to be exact!

• I am the shyest person you will ever meet! 

•  I have dark brown hair, but right now my hair has reddish strawberry blonde streaks in it. My hair is sun bleached from walking in my daughters golf tournaments. I can not tell you how many compliments I have gotten too! LOL:)

• My nickname in high school was "bongo boobs". Yeah not so much anymore don't know what happened, maybe it had to do with having a baby and breast feeding?:)

• I love real oranges, but HATE...artificially flavored orange things!

• When ever I get a new car I instantly become attached and give my new cars names! My Lexus RX 350's name is Marmee! Oh, I love my Marmee!!:)

Alright now for me to tag 3 others:


Thanks ladies!



Jenyfur said...

You like ribbon? You don't say. LOL :) :) :) Oh, there's no way you're shy - I can't believe that. You just put me in my place a few days ago lol. Great post - it's cool to learn a bit more about you. I promise not to call you bongo boobs. :D xoxo

Unknown said...

Cute post Laura :)

Joke said...

I like your photo's. Your daughter is a nice girl. Love her brown/white skin, LOL.

Ann said...

Thanks for sharing those pics of your gorgeous family and the little facts about yourself. I love learning about the person behind the beautiful cards! :D

Lindsay Spencer said...

Those pictures are great! I love the beach.

~Nancy~ said...

Hey there girlie!! Love these fun Florida pics.. WOW! Makes me wish I was still there (about 1,5 months ago I was there too!!) And looooove your work.. but you might have noticed that already.. right? hahha!! XOXOX Nancy

Regina Easter said...

your to funny.....

Anonymous said...

I posted my tag...thanks! ;)