Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Day #5

Day #5 of What I Love: Blogging

I'm completely addicted to blogging, I love being able to share my life with friends and family. The concept is almost like keeping a modern day journal. At night I often go blog browsing on my iPhone. I love coming across unique and different blogs and some I could of lived my whole life without seeing. One night I came across the coolest blog: Everything I Ate 2008 by Pedi in Los Angeles, California.
Pedi decided to keep a photo journal of everything she ate this year. I thought this concept was so neat, why didn't I think of this? I find myself completely intrigued to see what Pedi has eaten from day to day. Everything is beautifully photographed and the foods are rare and exotic. I hope you all enjoy Pedi's blog as much as I do. So in honor of Everything I Ate 2008 I thought I would keep a food journal for one day, just to actually see what I consume. I do not think my choices will be as exciting as Pedi's. But it will be a fun little experiment. Thanks Pedi for the daily inspiration.



Petra said...

Thank YOU, Laura, for the kind words! It's so great that you're doing a food blog today, too - you're the best! I personally think it's much more exciting to see what other people eat, so I'll be checking back to follow you through the day!

Petra said...

oh, and PS: I'm a she :)