Friday, February 1, 2008

Day #1

Happy February 1st! I love February. Spring is coming soon, my daughters birthday is this month and Valentine's Day. I thought I would dedicate the next two weeks leading up to Valentines Day, to 14 things I love. :)

Day #1 of What I Love: My iPhone
I love, love, love, my iPhone. My husband gave me one for Christmas this year. I'm hooked the phone is amazing. My little phone is hacked, meaning I have tons of third party applications. I can do lots of cool thing with my phone like, change the slider to say Laura's iPhone, install lots of different themes, change the color of my text messaging bubbles etc... My favorite feature on the phone is the internet. I love to browse, I can even blog on my phone:) Thankfully my husband is a computer engineer and use to work for Apple so I have the inside scoop. Later this month Apple is releasing SDK software development kit which will mean a large range of programs coming out for the "unhacked" iPhone.


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